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Building Leadership

Leadership in rural communities is essential to continued growth and prosperity. Built on a legacy of leadership, the Foundation and its Bernstein Fellows Program are dedicated to this purpose and work to help healthcare services in rural communities flourish.

Shaping Practice

Providing healthcare has become more complicated than ever. The Foundation utilizes team-based care as the heart of its work with people and partners. Leveraging resources amongst a broad range of partners and team members is a key component of this strategy. 

Affecting Policy

Today‚Äôs dynamic health policies requires ongoing change to better accommodate modern concerns and needs.  The Foundation aims to create innovative programs that test current policy applications and discover alternative strategies to promote improved quality and access.

Driving Innovation

Innovation is a cornerstone of the Foundation's work. The NC Oral Health Collaborative is one example of our mission to create new strategies that significantly affect and build on existing systems, and generate partnerships that result in opportunities to refine services and resources.
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