NCFAHP Our Partners

Our Partners

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) works to deliver innovative care and promote improved health and well being by offering competitive health insurance to the community. BCBSNC extends its reach into community health efforts by sponsoring local initiatives, encouraging community partnerships and growing its employee volunteer programs.

Care Share Health Alliance promotes collaboration within communities to enhance health care for underserved populations. They help to build networks of care, implement community programs, and provide educational resources to improve access and quality of care.

Community Care of North Carolina changes the way health care is delivered by creating community-based systems of care. These systems are driven by physicians and are patient-centered to efficiently address health needs in cooperative, cost-effective ways.

The Duke Endowment, one of the nations largest private foundations, supports initiatives for higher education, childcare, rural churches and health care. The Endowment also publishes resources, research publications and evaluations to assist its grantees and other service organizations.

The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust helps those in North Carolina with financial need to better the quality of their health and their life. They strive to respond to health needs, promote innovation and work for systemic change to improve lives.

A specialty medical association, the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians believes in a healthcare system driven by primary care. They work to improve the health of North Carolina communities by advancing the field of Family Medicine.

The North Carolina AHEC Program works to distribute and retain quality health professionals in rural areas through the implementation of educational programs. NC AHEC aims to enhance health care outcomes, improve the quality of care, and increase cultural competencies in the health care disciplines.

The North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) encourages the establishment of integrated health centers to promote patient-centered, community care. These community health centers provide primary care in terms of prevention, treatment and disease management.

The North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA) helps its more than 130 member hospitals meet the healthcare needs of their communities. The NCHA strives to deliver quality, affordable healthcare through the dissemination of information, policy advocacy and leadership development.

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine (NCIOM) provides non-partisan information on relevant health issues, and studies these issues to develop workable solutions. NCIOM also plays an advisory role in the development of public health policy for the citizens of North Carolina.

The North Caroline Medical Society believes in advancing the field of medical science through continued research, taking a scientific approach to healthcare and improving the quality of care for patients. The Society aims to enhance the health of North Carolina communities by improving physician advocacy for their patients.

The North Carolina Pediatric Society advocates for pediatric healthcare solutions and continued research, in both the public and private sectors. They emphasize preventative care in children, as well as focus on development and emotional well being of their patients.

The North Carolina Psychiatric Association works to advance the psychiatric medical field, while promoting high quality care for patients with mental illness. They support psychiatric research, improvement of psychiatric treatment and care, as well as increasing public awareness of mental illness.

The North Carolina Office of Rural Health and Community Care (ORHCC) gives funding and technical support to rural health centers in an effort to provide essential health services to underserved populations. ORHCC works with partners to increase community access to quality, low-cost health care.

Piedmont Health works to improve the health of its community by increasing access to quality care. Piedmont Health serves 14 counties in North Carolina, offering comprehensive health services and education.