NCFAHP Multi-State / NHSC Retention Collaborative

Multi-State / NHSC Retention Collaborative

In July 2011, state Primary Care Offices supported by HRSA and participating in a National Health Service Corps American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant program had the opportunity to focus part of their efforts on the retention of ARRA-funded NHSC clinicians. Eleven states pooled a portion of the grant support they received to assess retention within their states and identify best practices to maximize retention of NHSC clinicians, including those funded under ARRA and with the s regular appropriations.

The Multi-State/NHSC Retention Collaborative focuses on the retention experiences for s ARRA and non-ARRArun service programs.

First -year project activities centered around a cross-sectional survey that built on a recently-completed NHSC Long Term Retention Survey. Data pooled from the two surveys built adequate respondent numbers to allow stable estimates of retention and of the predictors of retention (e.g., clinician satisfaction, community integration) for each participating state. The goal is to help states better understand retention of their NHSC clinicians and target their retention efforts going forward. The findings of the first year retention survey were made available in November 2012.

With the addition of two more states, second-year activities centered on designing and building a longitudinal retention data gathering system that routinely surveys clinicians as they serve in loan repayment and other service programs. Clinicians complete surveys three months after the start of their service obligation, at the end of each year, at the end of their contract and periodically thereafter. Practice administrators will be surveyed annually. In order to create the most robust and meaningful tool, the collaborating organizations and 3RNet created a strategy to integrate the Practice Sights web-based recruitment and retention module and the longitudinal retention data system. Development of the Practice Sights Retention Management System was completed in July 2013.

For more information on the Multi-State/NHSC Retention Collaborative, please contact Jackie Fannell.


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