The NC Center of Excellence for Integrated Care is a program of the Foundation to train and help implement integrated (medical, dental and mental health) care in multiple healthcare settings.

The NC Center of Excellence for Integrated Care aims to integrate patients’ physical and behavioral health care, whether the care is delivered in an office or clinic, a hospital or mental health agency.

Deploying a small interdisciplinary team, the Center is a resource for assessment, training, and technical assistance to health care professionals and organizations. To assure that standards of care applied by the Center are broadly agreed upon and evidence-based, the Center works with stakeholders across North Carolina to determine best practices in clinical assessment, clinical tools, and techniques.

The Center of Excellence for Integrated Care (COE) evolved from the ICARE Partnership. We are committed to creating a healthcare system that is Integrated, Collaborative, Accessible, Respectful, and Evidence-based by offering:

  • Customized training based on the needs of providers
  • Collaborative learning for groups of providers to allow them to test integrated care tools and techniques within their own quality assurance programs
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting to help providers initiate and implement integrated care techniques
  • Resources for providers to investigate evidence-based tools and techniques in integrated care

The Center continues to support the goals expressed by Governor Perdue: to “establish the national model for an integrated approach to behavioral and primary health services for patients with mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse problems.”

For more information, contact:
Cathy Hudgins
NC Center of Excellence for Integrated Care
919-821-0485, ext. 225