Rural Forward NC

We envision skilled and active local actors in the NC counties most in need with increased capacity to identify and solve their own health problems, along with a greater ability to design and implement program policies that will advance community health.

Rural Forward NC provides free consulting services to the people, organizations, and coalitions leading the effort to build healthier rural counties in central and eastern NC.

We work with local constituents to identify:

  1. Promising local initiatives to improve the health of rural communities in NC, directly or indirectly;
  2. Sustainable goals and achievable action plans;
  3. Measurable outcomes and benchmarks.

We work in partnership with local, regional, or statewide community leaders to support emerging efforts with the following services:

Training Resource Management Identification of Expertise
Facilitation Relationship Brokering Coaching
Policy Development Conflict Management Program Planning
Grants Development

Our goal is to raise the health indicators in the NC counties that are most in need over a ten to fifteen year period. By the end of this initiative, we hope to see a more active population with less instances of chronic illness and obesity.

We are a program of the NC Foundation for Advanced Health Programs, a statewide nonprofit organization that has been incubating innovative whole-person health initiatives for over thirty years. Click here for more information about NCFAHP.



We provide regional support for Healthy Places North Carolina, a long-term effort to improve the health and quality of life for the people of rural NC. The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust set Healthy Places NC in motion in 2012 and plans to invest $100 million in 10 to 15 financially disadvantaged rural North Carolina counties over 10 years.

In central and eastern NC, Healthy Places NC has begun work in Halifax and Rockingham Counties. Rural Forward NC staff attend local meetings and events, and provide support as requested by the local leadership. RFNC only provides direct support in Healthy Places NC counties.

Click here for more information on Healthy Places NC on the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust website.